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Marinated herring
Salted / marinated fillets, flaps and pieces produced to customer specifications, are one of Athena Seafoods specialities.
The flaps and fillets can be delivered in sizes according to the raw material available.
Pieces are normally graded in to the following sizes: 16mm, 24mm, 30mm and 45mm. Non-graded pieces, 10-15% of the pieces not within the actual size range, can also be supplied. 

Standard packing for all the marinades is in barrels which weigh 75 kgs net and 150 kgs gross.  These barrels are returnable.  Research is being done in to packing marinades in vacuum packs of 18-20 kgs.

Another speciality is dried fish in which the company has a member of the team with 35 years experience in the production and sales of this product.  Stockfish is produced from fresh fish dried in the fresh air along the coast of North Norway during the Winter when the temperature is cold and the air is fresh and clean. The drying process is natural and economical.

After a 3 month drying period, the fish is matured, and about 80% of the water has evaporated. Stockfish maintains all the nutritional goodness (80% protein) during the drying process, 1 kilo of stockfish being equivalent to 5 kilos of fresh fish.

Stockfish is produced from lean fish, mainly cod, but also ling, tusk, haddock and saithe. It is especially economical to transport and store, not requiring refrigeration, but only a dry warehouse. On soaking, the stockfish regains its fresh fish qualities. Stockfish can be supplied in bales or cartons of standard weight according to customer specifications.

Stockfish is a traditional food sold in many markets in Europe – especially Italy and Croatia, USA, Africa, Australia and Canada. Italy alone has over 500 recipes using stockfish.

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