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The pelagic fish industry is still characterized by large quantities packed in bulk especially for herring.  However, there is a move towards an increased filleting, and the development of new products and packing techniques. Hopen Fisk is one of few producers in Norway specialising in the production of marinated herring fillets and pieces according to customers’ recipes.

Pelagic Fish

– whole round frozen in different sizes. Mackerel can also be sourced from partners in Scotland and Ireland.
Capelin – mixed capelin, female capelin with roe, male capelin, capelin roe
Horse mackerel –  whole round frozen in different sizes. Horse mackerel may also be sourced from Scotland and Ireland.
Blue whiting – whole round frozen in different sizes.

Salmon & Trout

Athena Seafoods has a number of partners both on the West Coast and in Lofoten that provide the company with exquisite quality salmon and trout.  Processed products such as fillets, portions and loins can also be offered.

White fish

Greenland halibut
- Hopen is one of the main producers of land-frozen Greenland halibut, both J-cut and N-cut, heads and tails. 
Red-fish – Athena Seafoods can offer red-fish from different  origins.
Saithe – head-on saithe and h&g saithe – land-frozen.
Dried salted fish from cod and saithe, dried salted fillets.
Wet salted fillets of cod, ling and saithe.
Stockfish – from cod, tusk, saithe, haddock, and ling.
Cod liver and cod roe from Lofoten.

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