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Athena  Seafoods is one of the main shareholders in Hopen Fisk AS, located in Lofoten.  Lofoten is one of the most important fishing areas in Norway.  Spectacular scenery and cold clean waters contribute to giving seafood from Lofoten an “exotic touch”. 

Hopen Fisk is one of few producers in Norway specialising in the production of marinated herring fillets and pieces according to customers’ recipes.
Athena Seafoods and Hopen Fisk pride themselves on superior service to customers with an emphasis on quality control from ocean to market and documented traceability. 

The plant is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) Certified and also “KRAV” certified.  The latter is an approval from Debio of both the production plant and named fishing vessels certifying that regulations for organic production are followed. 

Eastern European markets
are very important for Athena, with Russia being the most important individual market with a substantial potential for further development.  Poland is the biggest market for herring fillets.

The Far East including Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Korea, are areas on which Athena is focused.  Buyers in this region, perhaps more than anyone, appreciate the high level of service and information, in addition to a stable supply of top quality seafood.

Athena Seafoods handles about 15.000 tons of different seafood products pr year. Athena Seafoods’ goal remains to be the quality- and service-minded customer’s preferred supplier of high quality seafood.

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